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The Philippines is the number one smoking country in the Southeast Asia. Three studies from the WHO show that in the Philippines, every Filipino smoker consumes 1,073ย sticks every year. We also have one of the lowest prices in cigarettes and cigarette taxes. Every 10% increase in the price of cigarette result in a 7% decline in youth smoking and a 4% decline in overall smoking according to WHO. This bill is not just a Sin Tax Bill. This is a health bill and anti cancer tax bill. Leaving things unchanged will leave every children orphaned and will have a negative effect on our economic development. Inaction will also cost the Philippines billions of pesos for health care, chemotherapy and palliative care.

In this context, me as part of the Department of Health (CHD7) and you as a part of this country are encouraged to support this cause to massive information dissemination of this sin tax bill (Senate Bill No. 3249)๐Ÿ™‚

The following is the primer of the Sin Tax Bill.

What we can do:

1. Tweet and blog your support for immedite passage of the #SinTaxBill.

2. Get involved. Join public events, seminar and symposia.

3. Be part of the growing movement for promoting health of all Filipinos.