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Every endeavor begins with a Google search. Google seems to have the answer to everything, don’t you agree? A search giant as they say. But it is so much more than a search engine. It’s a library of everything, a calculator, an instant all-language translator and even a weather forecaster! In fact, I have literally spent every day on Google (aside of course from all those social media platforms). And believe it or not, I’ve googled my name to see what would come up. Yes, so much of our online life goes through Google anyway.

Last month the Google Business Groups Team meetup with the Cebu Bloggers for the first time! And it was one great Sunday afternoon with them.  Here me with Rabsin, Kristine, and Mark right before the event started.

20120729-114405.jpgRabsin and his notebook. haha Mr. Bjorn Bernales introducing the Google team and what Google Business Groups is all about. The Google team all the way from Manila and Thailand🙂

Anyhow, expanding limits. Everyone has a habit of expanding to fill its limits. We live in a battle of change and we constantly adapt and find ways in order to survive the everyday shiz of life. I’m not talking about one’s emotional roller coaster ride from letting go to moving on here (which is waayyy out of the topic,haha), but what the online community needs and what the web geniuses has to offer.

Google Business Group (GBG) is a group of business professionals who are interested to learn and become more successful in using the internet for their business. A GBG can have different forms, from social gathering with like minded business professionals, larger events with the participation of Google speakers to online hangouts with other GBG members around the globe!

Increasingly, users access the Internet from cell phones and smartphones, but not all sites are properly prepared for display on small screens. That’s why Google developed this Go Mo- Build your Mobile Site. As for bloggers, mobile-friendly site can help you drive traffic and readers to your blog, but a bad mobile experience can drive them away. So why take the chance? Let your blog/site be on-the-go!

errr, Let me just insert a quick outfit post here.😀 Its the Sunday morning after a wicked Saturday night-out with friends so I opted for a comfy-casual-no-accesorries-look, with sunnies to cover-up ze eyebags of course🙂

Thrifted polo, Oxygen shorts, Parisian wegdes, Vans sunnies

Lazy i know😛 Can you blame me? My brain doesn’t really function well with a two-hour sleep.😀  HYPE this look on LOOKBOOK, CHICTOPIA and PINTEREST!🙂