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Long blog post title eh?😀 because words are just not enough. *wink*

Just when I thought I would drown at work, my friends came and saved me. I had a rough crappy week (or weeks) for a lot of reasons that I could list all day but I’m not dealing with those anymore; not here. My friends love to eat and sometimes I get dragged to it. But it seems I’m getting into it myself. HAHA It’s a little bit funny, that this blog is becoming more like a food blog, don’t you think?🙂 Well just like any blogger, it already became my habit to take pictures of the food I eat. My little bro and dad usually throws a joke on me (though i think its not a joke at all ~_~) that no one can touch what’s on the table before I do. Who else shares the same ‘thing’ as I do?🙂

First on the menu: Dong Juan‘s fries, chili burger, pasta with meat balls, mozzarella cheese sticks.

Next stop: Moon Cafe‘s baby back ribs and burritos. 

Third: Mae Krua Thai.

Fourth: ITea‘s nachos and milktea.

Fifth: KFC fries.

And the best way to end my week is to be in a state of food coma. Excuse me for the bungisngis smile🙂