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From social media to e-commerce, Multiply is now one of the country’s premier online shopping destination. Back in high school, Multiply was our thing, waaaay before Friendster and Facebook came. In 2011, their platform changed and became a Marketplace where local entrepreneurs/merchants, we’re talking about over 100,000 stores here, can use a variety of different tools offered.

Go ahead, visit Multiply.com today and splurge! For promos and announcements, follow them on Twitter and Like their page on Facebook :) The Multiply team gathered Cebu bloggers and merchants at Ilaputi. And here goes my food snapshots (frustrated food blogger eh?🙂 ) And as what any other fashion bloggers do, outfits shots while the Sun is still up!🙂We literally occupied the whole walkway that people would go the other way around😀😀 Thank you Multiply and see you around Cebu soon!🙂