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While I am extremely focused on my career, I also value my relationships. I have a great family and great friends and I know that if I ever need anything I have people I could call at any hour of the day. Sometimes I get so focused on “making it” that I lose touch with the real world and the people that live in it. Without my friends and family I would be nothing, and I need to remember that any time I make progress in any area of my life.

I have a calendar by my desk with a box next to every date and I check it with a red arrow if I feel I did enough work that day. I’ve gotten off to a pretty good start this week. Let’s see if I can keep it up.

The view from my window.

And to ease up whatever I’m feeling right now, I went downstairs and grabbed a bar of dark choc kitkat.

Chocolate for midnight snack isn’t that bad at all, ryt?😀

Okay, okay.. I must sleep before I wake up looking like Katy Perry. Good night loves! ♥