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It’s Saturday night! What are you all up to? A normal lady on her early twenties ‘suit up’, go out, party and do their thang on Saturday nights. But me? I’m bummed at home! (Nagpakalola na naman 🙂

Work and grad school made me forgot how completely fantastic it is to laze around in my sweat pants, curl up under my blanket, watch my fave shows, munch on some junk food, paint my nails, online shop for hours, read a few chapters of a good book and just sit around and do nothing. Hopefully, I get to do this more often this summer! #Fingerscrossed

 But from time to time, its still good to stay out of my four-wall dusty atmosphere. And that’s why I went out with my girls last Valentines day.Topshop knitted cardigan; My Cup of Tea peter pan collar top; WAGW wooden bangles; Jules cambridge inspired satchel; Oxygen high-waist shorts; SoFab  flatsHype this look on LOOKBOOK, CHICTOPIA, STYLESAYS, and PINTEREST!🙂

I’m more than happy and thrilled to get to spend Vday with the people that loves me and I love the most: my bestfriends ♥ ..and some college batchmates🙂

We had dinner at STK Ta Bay! They have the best array of sea food dishes! And I totally love the vintage-y touch of the place. Must-go-back there one of these days! I died the time I read the menu.. why? Coz they have the cheapest dishes ever! To think I only paid for less than two hundred pesos😀

Craving for crabs, fish, shrimps, shells? Go visit STK! Here are some of their dishes..Who could resist such temptation? ^__^ I couldn’t! and I wouldn’t!

How was your Saturday so far? Goin out tonight perhaps?🙂