To the next chapter.


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When you’re constantly reminded of how less you are than the others, and how people tell you you cannot shine, you have to work hard for that dream and believe that you’re going to prove a lot of people wrong. Sometimes you’ll run into brick walls that are put there to test you. Find a way around them and stay focused. You may struggle and drown but there are risks worth taking for. That good things take time. And that you will never regret the time you took a chance and dared to think you are worth something more. // To the people who pushed me to never give up on that dream, who never failed to believe in me, thank you. You know who you are. Now on to the next chapter ☺️20140604-194344-71024979.jpg

Muji’s here, in Cebu! :)


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20131230-140546.jpgOne of the International brands included in Ayala Center Cebu’s new expansion that opened during the holidays (more on that in my next post) is the iconic famous Japanese brand, Muji! Simple, quality & highly functional, their extensive selection of products includes classic lifestyle necessities for your home and your office. IMG_4575IMG_4576From pens, notebooks, scissors, rulers, staplers, stationaries, post-its and more, surely you’ll get all ‘ohh-ahhh-yaaay’ crazy about it! :D You can’t help it, they’re just so chic! They simply bring out the ‘creative-artist’ in you! :) Perfect for doodling, scribbling and writing random thoughts, these pens are the ‘milk-in-my-coffee’ for the recyclable notebooks they have. And I love how Minimalist these notebooks are! They give me a sense of peace, and control :)IMG_4577IMG_4566 Continue reading

Fresh starts.


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Got a tan. Fell inlove with the summer sunset. Enjoyed an afternoon tea. Slept the night away. Embraced change. Cried buckets. Laughed til our tummies ached. Read some fine books. Captured moments. Witnessed weddings. Took long walks. Ate a good brunch. Indulged some good conversations. A year ago, I would’ve never pictured my life the way it is now. To all those who made me see sunshine and rainbows, Thank you! <3

Handle things day by day. Surprise yourself. Take chances. Set goals. Reach them. Make mistakes. Learn. Live.

Cheers to fresh starts! :)


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